Approved by: The President
History: Issued              -- March 14, 2002
Revised            -- October 31, 2014
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Related Policies: Budget Policy; Revenue Recognition Policy; Tuition Discount Policy
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Responsible Official: Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services and University Registrar tel. (202) 319-5409

I. Introduction


The Tuition and Fees Policy governs the establishment of tuition and related fees for the University. This policy also applies to all tuition and related fees for the degree programs offered by the University.

II. Definitions


A. Standard Tuition Rate means the general rate, defined based on tuition costs for full-time study and, when appropriate, hourly rate for part-time study. There is one standard undergraduate and graduate rate for each school within the University that covers the fall and spring semesters of study.

B. Non-Standard Tuition Rate means that any program not following the standard tuition rate or online program tuition rate will be assigned the non-standard tuition rate. These rates cover non-credit programs, off-campus programs and any other special programs or special arrangements with outside entities. One, non-standard tuition rate for undergraduates and one rate for graduates will be established annually to be used by all schools within the University.

C. Online Program Tuition Rate means rates assigned to online Masters, Doctoral or, as applicable, undergraduate programs. One tuition rate is set annually for each program level that will be used by all schools.

D. Mandatory Fees mean fees charged to all students to provide access to University activities and services.

III. Budget Process


The Budget Committee of the University shall determine the proposed standard tuition and mandatory fees for the University and submit them to the Board of Trustees for approval through the Finance Committee of the Board. The Budget Committee shall consider significant factors affecting tuition including, but not limited to, the competitive position of the University among its peers, the need to attract high quality students, University budgetary requirements, and appropriate amount of tuition discounting.

The Provost, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer and Vice President of Enrollment Management will annually set tuition and fee rates that are outside of the approved rates for special programs or special arrangements with corporate or government entities. Those rates include summer session, online program and non-standard tuition rates. These rates must be used by all schools unless an exception is approved by the Provost, Vice President of Finance and the Vice President of Enrollment Management.

Non-mandatory fees are reviewed and approved by the Budget Committee. New fees or changes to fees should be submitted to the Provost or the appropriate Vice President, no later than October 15th for the following academic year.

IV. Board of Trustee Approval


The Board of Trustees, through the Finance Committee of the Board, shall annually approve the tuition, fees and room and board charges of the University for all degree programs, including the standard tuition rates, mandatory fees, room rates and board charges.

V. Publishing of Tuition and Fees


It shall be the responsibility of the University Registrar to publish the official tuition and fees of the University, as approved by the Board of Trustees. This official tuition and fees list will be posted online, no later than March 1, for the following academic year.