This section of the University Policies website provides an introduction to the environmental safety policies and procedures of the University as well as to the campus security policies of the University. Note that the majority of detailed information about environmental safety matters at the University is linked from this website to the website of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. That information includes topics such as radiation safety, hazardous materials handling and storage, biological safety practices, required safety practices for contractors on campus and many other topics.

Campus security policies and practices are also described more fully in the Department of Public Safety's Annual Report as well as in other information on the Department of Public Safety's main website. See also the Safety and Security website, which provides members of the University community (students, faculty, staff, parents of students, and alumni) with timely information on campus crime prevention and emergency procedures. This page is designed to be not only informative, but also instructive, e.g., educating the University community on how to respond in the event of a public safety and/or public health emergency. Breaking news on public health and public safety will be posted Safety First News Updates page on an as-needed basis.