Approved by: The President
History: Issued             -- March 14, 2001
Revised           -- August 23, 2019
Last Reviewed -- August 23, 2019
Related Policies: Refund of Student Charges Policy
Additional References:

University Statement on Unanticipated Closures

Responsible Official: Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing tel. (202) 319-6535

I. Introduction

The Office of Enrollment Services manages the refund of unapplied payments posted to student accounts.

II. Definitions

A. Financial Aid means University or federal scholarships, grants, or loans
B. Outside Scholarships mean scholarships from non-Catholic University organizations submitted by the organizations directly to the University to be posted to student accounts.
C. Other Payments mean payments posted to student accounts other than Financial Aid or Outside Scholarships. Other Payments include but are not limited to check/e-check, credit card, wire, cash, state grant, 529, payment plan, commercial loan, and contract with a third party sponsor.
D. Unapplied Amount means financial Aid, Outside Scholarship, or an Other Payment that is either ineligible to pay all charges on the account, or is in excess of charges on the account.

III. Financial Aid

Refundable unapplied federal and institutional Financial Aid posted to student accounts shall automatically be refunded to students. Students may receive refunds even if there are unpaid charges on their accounts as Financial Aid may not be allowed to pay all charges. Students are still responsible for paying any outstanding charges even if they receive refunds. 
Unapplied amounts from federal parent plus loans will be refunded to the borrower unless the borrower authorized refunding to the student on the loan application.
Federal Student Aid refunds are processed in accordance with federal regulations.

IV. Outside Scholarships

Unapplied Amounts from Outside Scholarships will be refunded at the direction of the scholarship granting organization.

V. Other Payments 

Other types of unapplied payments will not be automatically refunded. These payments will be held to apply to future term charges.
Refunds of other types of unapplied payments may be processed by student request. If future term charges exist on the student account those amounts will be deducted from the refund. Any refunds processed from these payments will be directed to the student regardless of who submitted the payment. 
Other types of unapplied payments will be automatically refunded if the student withdraws from the University.

VI. Application of Payments

Unapplied amounts on student accounts may not be a result of the last payment made to the account. Certain payments must apply to the account before other payments even if the other payments were submitted earlier. Payments are applied in the following order:
  1. University Financial Aid
  2. Contract with third-party sponsor
  3. Outside Scholarships
  4. Federal aid
  5. All other payments

VII. Unclaimed Refunds

Returned refund checks shall be subject to the District of Columbia escheat law and turned over to the District of Columbia as required. Any student or parent whose refund has been turned over to the District of Columbia shall be directed to the District’s escheat recover process.