Approved by:

The President


Issued                -- March 25, 2020

Revised             -- March 25, 2020

Last Reviewed -- March 25, 2020

Related Policies:

Code of Conduct for Staff and Faculty; Conflict of Interest Policy for Staff and Faculty

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Responsible Official:

Vice President for Marketing and Communications

I. Policy Statement


Per the University’s Code of Conduct for Staff and Faculty and Conflict of Interest Policy for Staff and Faculty, employees are expected to avoid even the appearance of impropriety in the performance of their duties on behalf of the University.  

To maintain objectivity and transparency in University admission and scholarship decisions, this Conflict of Interest Policy for Application and Scholarship Review implements further the University Code and general conflict policy.

II. Definitions


A. Immediate Family Member means a spouse, child (including adopted and step child), parent, grandparent, parent-in-law, sibling, legal guardian, household member, or relation by blood or marriage.

III. Advance Disclosure of Potential Conflicts and Recusal


Any employee directly involved in the application and/or merit scholarship review processes for Undergraduate, Graduate, and/or Law School admission must disclose to their immediate supervisor any potential conflicts of interest regarding Immediate Family Members, friends, and/or business associates.  

For the purposes of this policy, a conflict of interest exists when an employee involved in the review of applications for admission and/or scholarships:

  • Is an Immediate Family Member (defined above) of the applicant;
  • Has a long-standing or close social relationship with the applicant or someone who is an Immediate Family Member of the applicant;
  • Has a direct business relationship or affiliation, whether for University or personal  purposes, with an applicant or someone who is an Immediate Family Member of the applicant.

Employees must disclose any of the above situations to their immediate supervisor in advance of any University action regarding the applicant. 

Further, employees must recuse themselves from the review and discussion of the application for admission and/or merit scholarships. Specifically, the employee may not participate in any meetings (in person or electronically) where the candidate will be discussed, and may not be involved in any University decision regarding the applicant.