Approved by: The President
History: Issued             -- December 11, 2019
Revised           -- June 23, 2020
Last Reviewed -- June 23, 2020
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Responsible Official: Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer tel. (202) 319-5050

The University supports the efforts and respects the rights of nursing mothers. The following accommodations are available to nursing mothers who are employees, students, or guests to campus. The University prohibits discrimination against and harassment of those who exercise their rights under this Policy.

I. Right to Breastfeed on Campus

Any woman on campus may breastfeed her child in any location, public or private, where she has a right to be present with her child. The University will provide suitable private locations and reasonable break time for employees and students to express breast milk. Contact the Manager of Employee Relations (tel. 202-319-6594 or who will work with the Director of Space Management in the Facilities Division to identify suitable space. 

II. Employee Paid Break Time 

For one year after the birth of her child, a University employee may use her scheduled breaks or, if not available, then additional, approved breaks from her work duties and location when she has a need to express her breast milk.  If scheduled unpaid break time is not available, then the employee’s supervisor or Human Resources will arrange mutually convenient paid break time(s), which she should request early enough to provide sufficient time to make appropriate arrangements. 

III. Providing Nursing Stations

Upon advance request by an employee for a location in which to express her breast milk, her supervisor or Human Resources will assist her in her locating a convenient, private room, other than a bathroom, with a locking door where she will be free from intrusion by others and shielded from view.  If necessary, the room will also have an electrical outlet.

Dedicated wellness rooms are located in Maloney Hall room 141, Gowan Hall 109, and McMahon Hall 313-2 that can be used for nursing purposes.  Contacts for these locations are as follows:

McMahon Hall, Mr. David Long, (202) 319-5571
Gowan Hall, Dr. Patricia McMullen, (202) 319-5405
Maloney Hall, Segenet Telahun (202) 319-5236  (Dr. Andrew Abela and/or Dr. Harvey Seegers) 

For questions and guidance regarding accommodations for nursing or the expression of breast milk, contact a supervisor or the  Manager of Employee Relations, (202) 319-6594 or