The Division of University Communications staff serves as a liaison between the University and the public and is responsible for a broad range of University communications functions, including marketing, media relations, photography, websites and social media accounts, production of publications, and distribution of information about the University to internal and external audiences.

Policies regarding University communications are designed to keep University internal and external audiences informed while promoting and safeguarding the image and identity of the University. To accomplish these primary goals, information about the University and its programs, events, initiatives and community must be released in a manner that is consistent, efficient, accurate, engaging and in keeping with the University's mission, values and goals. Policies governing communications also are intended to ensure messages about the University are delivered with the level of professionalism and quality that today's modern media and its consumers demand.

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  • Creative Services Policy

    To ensure that the University's publications for external audiences are cost-effective, professionally produced, and consistently meet the University's brand standards and marketing objectives.

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  • Government and External Requests Policy

    To coordinate timely, appropriate, and consistent responses, to protect privacy and confidentiality in responding to requests for information or documents from people, organizations, or governments outside the University.

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  • Marketing/Advertising Policy

    Defining the responsibility for maintaining a consistent public image for The Catholic University of America that reflects its mission and promotes its key marketing messages.

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  • Photography/Videography Policy

    Setting forth the scope of photography and videography services available, when consent is implied, and requirements for photography/videography by non-University personnel.

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  • Press Releases Policy

    Concerning authorization to send out press releases or issue public statements on behalf of the University and its administrative and academic units.

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  • Social Media Policy (University Accounts)

    This policy sets forth requirements and guidelines for staff, faculty, and students regarding use of social media accounts that purport to represent the University or its schools, departments, or units.

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  • Speaking to the News Media Policy

    This policy defines who may speak on behalf of The Catholic University of America to the news media, and explains the role faculty and staff can play by giving interviews about their areas of expertise and publishing commentary in their field.

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