Approved by: Board of Trustees
History: Issued              -- March 14, 2001
Revised            -- December 16, 2013
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Related Policies: Special Payroll Checks Policy
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Responsible Official: Director of Payroll tel. (202) 319-5512

I. Policy Statement


The Catholic University of America discourages the use of salary advances. Nevertheless, the University recognizes that, on rare occasions, employees may have an extraordinary personal need to receive a salary advance. In such extraordinary circumstances the University may consider an eligible employee's request for a salary advance, subject to the requirements and limitations set forth in this policy

II. Definitions


A. Eligible Employee means full-time faculty members, and regular full-time and regular part-time staff members.

III. Requirements


An eligible employee may request a salary advance only in extraordinary emergency or personal circumstances and subject to the requirements, limitations and approval requirements set forth below.

A. Restrictions and Limitations


An otherwise eligible employee may not request or receive a salary advance if:

  1. The employee is working within a performance improvement plan; or
  2. The employee has a negative sick leave or vacation leave accrual balance.

In the event a salary advance is approved, the following will apply:

  1. The employee may not request or receive more than one salary advance within a 12 month period;
  2. The employee may not request or receive salary advances in consecutive pay periods, even if the consecutive pay periods cross a calendar year;
  3. The amount of salary advanced may not exceed the amount of salary due to the employee at the time funds are advanced;
  4. Repayment of the amount advanced must be made in full from the next regularly-processed paycheck.

B. Request and Approval Process


All salary advance requests must be approved in advance by the eligible employee's supervisor and by the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer or the Provost, as applicable.

To initiate a salary advance request the eligible employee must discuss the reasons for the request with their immediate supervisor. If the supervisor determines that the request meets the criteria for a salary advance as set forth in this policy the supervisor should instruct the employee to complete the top portion of the Salary Advance Request Form located at, sign and date the form, and submit it to the supervisor. The supervisor then must:

  1. Sign and date the form;
  2. Complete and attach the timesheet or leave report for the employee that corresponds to the current pay period;
  3. Obtain from the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer or the Provost, as appropriate, final approval for the advance as evidences by signature on the form; and
  4. Submit the original request form bearing all required attachments and signatures to the Office of Payroll for final review and processing.

Salary advance requests bearing all required approvals and signatures must be received in the Office of Payroll no less than four (4) business days prior to the eligible employee's next scheduled pay date.