Approved by: Board of Trustees
History: Issued              -- March 14, 2001
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Vice President for Finance and Treasurer tel. (202) 319-5606

I. Introduction


The University may deduct from employee paychecks amounts as required and permitted by law or as authorized by the employee in writing.

This policy shall apply to all University employees and all departments in their requests for payroll deductions.

II. Authority


All requests for deductions from the pay of employees unless required by law shall require approval from the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer or his/her designee.

III. Documentation


All deductions shall be based on written documentation signed by the employee. All documentation shall include the employee's name, date authorized, amount to be deducted, the schedule of deductions, and the reason for the deduction.

IV. External Requests


The University shall comply with all requests from governmental sources such as courts and agencies for deductions from employees' paychecks. The University shall require written documentation from the external source and will disclose information only as required by law.

The University will not deduct amounts requested by nongovernmental sources except as ordered by courts or specified by other authorities such as University Counsel.

V. Payments of Student Accounts


Employees may arrange to have amounts deducted from their paychecks to pay their own or their dependent's student account. All payment arrangements of this nature must be calculated to pay the academic year balance in full by the last payroll of the fiscal year. These payment arrangements are made with the Office of Student Accounts who is responsible to deliver them to the Payroll Office.

VI. Contributions to the University


Employees may arrange to make contributions to the University through Payroll Deduction. These arrangements are made with Institutional Advancement.

VII. Employee Programs


The University may offer programs for employees such as supplemental retirement contributions, United Way donations, savings bonds and others. Each of these programs shall require written authorization from the employee through the mechanism specific to that program.