Approved by: Board of Trustees
History: Issued              -- March 14, 2002
Revised            -- December 16, 2013
Last Reviewed --
Related Policies: Salary Advances Policy
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Responsible Official: Director of Payroll tel. (202) 319-5512

I. Introduction


The University issues payroll payments only in accordance with the schedules and requirements set forth at However, the University recognizes the occasional need to issue special payroll checks outside the regular payroll cycle due to circumstances such as loss or theft of a payroll check, rejection of a direct deposit transaction, replacement of an expired check, or other special circumstances as described below. All such special payroll checks will be issued only in accordance with the requirements of this policy, and are subject to a $35 processing fee. This policy applies to all University departments/schools/offices requesting special payroll checks.

II. Definitions


A. Special Payroll Check means a manually-issued paper payroll check issued outside the regular payroll processing cycle for either a monthly or semi-monthly employee.

B. On-Cycle Payroll Payment means payment of wages via payroll check, direct deposit, or pay card in accordance with regular pay period processing and on established University pay dates.

III. Circumstances when Special Payroll Checks may be Permitted


A special payroll check, either as a replacement of a previously-issued on-cycle payroll payment or as a new item, may be issued by the University in the following situations: 1. Loss or destruction of a payroll check; 2. Theft of a payroll check; 3. Rejection of direct deposit transaction; 4. Replacement of an expired check (beyond 90 days from date of issuance); 5. Failure to submit or error in submission of a recap or timesheet by employee or supervisor; 6. Data entry error or omission by payroll staff during on-cycle payroll processing; 7. Failure to complete or supply required forms or documentation; 8. Failure to submit EDF or employment contract to Human Resources for timely processing; 9. Any other situation which, in the judgment of the Director of Payroll, requires the issuance or reissuance of a check. The Director of Payroll has discretion to determine whether and when to issue special payroll checks, and whether the circumstances warrant or permit a waiver of the $35 off-cycle processing fee.

IV. Requesting a Special Payroll Check


The department/school/office is responsible for initiating the special payroll check process. To initiate the process the following steps are required:

  1. The Employee or Supervisor must complete the top portion of the Special Check Request Form located at;
  2. Attach the relevant recap or timesheet for the payment requested;
  3. Indicate the gross amount or number of hours to be paid;
  4. Indicate the reason the request is being made;
  5. Provide contact information and preferred method of delivery for special check;
  6. Obtain signature/date of employee, supervisor and Cognizant Vice President;
  7. Submit completed form to the Office of Payroll for processing.