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Related Policies: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy; Student Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Policy
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I. Introduction


The University recognizes that the consumption of alcohol in moderation by persons of legal drinking age can be a component of the social environment at the University. Professors serving alcohol on campus under the guidelines below must do so in a way that demonstrates sensitivity to the issues relevant to alcohol consumption. They are expected to be aware of the social, psychological, legal and physiological consequences of excessive drinking in order to make responsible and informed decisions about the serving and consumption of alcohol. Alcoholic beverages will not normally be provided at events where persons under the legal drinking age are present. This policy only deals with the serving of alcohol at small informal closed events, and does not cover those events which are open to the public.

II. Policy


The University permits the lawful keeping and consumption, in moderation, of alcoholic beverages on its property or property under its control by persons of legal drinking age (21 years or older). The Catholic University of America prohibits the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under the age of twenty-one on property owned or controlled by the University or as part of any University activity. Professors may allow alcohol to be served on academic occasions in accord with the limitations below:

  • The faculty member who is in charge of the function is responsible for ensuring that anyone served alcohol is age 21 or over.
  • At any event at which alcohol will be served, sufficient quantities of non-alcoholic beverages and food must also be available to attendees without cost.
  • Advertisements of the event shall not indicate that alcohol will be served.
  • Only champagne, beer or wine may be served.
  • Serving of alcohol must be discontinued for a reasonable period of time prior to the anticipated end of the event or function.
  • No more than one drink per hour may be served. It is the immediate obligation of those in the presence of a severely intoxicated person to contact Public Safety.
  • Sale of alcohol requires a licensed pourer under contract to the University.
  • Professors should be careful to respect the variety of cultural and health issues of individual students that might preclude the consumption of alcohol or make them uncomfortable when alcohol is served.

III. Penalties


Violations of this policy will be subject to university disciplinary procedures. Professors are reminded to review the Employee Indemnification Policy which specifies those instances in which an employee may not be indemnified.


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