Directory of Policies

Faculty Duties

I. General Obligations
II. Work Load
III. Obligations to Students
IV. Familiarity with University Rules
V. Service on Dissertations
VI. Assistance in Graduate Student Research
VII. Class Schedule
VIII. Final Examinations

Contracts and Compensation

I. Terms of Service
II. Salary
III. Compensation for Administrative Duties
IV. Moving Expenses
V. Sabbatical Leave
VI. Temporary Disability (Sick Leave)
VII. Leave of Absence
VIII. Part-Time Employment
IX. Travel

Supplementary Provisions for Clergy and Religious

I. Appointment
II. Accommodations
III. Compensation
IV. Retirement Benefits

Special Procedures

I. The Chair of a Department
II. Consortium Cross Registration
III. Assignment of Space
IV. Cancellation of Classes
V. Faculty Grievance Committee
VI. Emergency Procedures
VII. New Program Policy

Employment Conflicts and Misconduct

I. Conflict of Commitment
II. Conflicts of Interest
III. Research Misconduct

Intellectual Property


Patent Policy


Use of Copyrighted Materials



IV. Copyright Ownership

Campus-Wide Policies

I. Use of Student Information
II. Academic Dishonesty
III. Appeal of Failing Grades
IV. Disruptive Conduct in the Classroom
V. Disability (Faculty)
VI. Student Disabilities
VII. Acceptable Use
VIII. Human Subjects in Research
IX. Presentations Policy
X. Scheduling of Co-Curricular Activities
XI. Alcohol and Drug Abuse
XII. Serving of Alcoholic Beverages on Academic Occasions
XIII. Sexual Harassment
XIV. Equal Opportunity
XV. Reasonable Accommodations at University Events
XVI. Information Security and Assurance
XVII. Employee Electronic Communications

Faculty Benefits

I. Medical/Dental Insurance
II. Flexible Benefit Plan
III. Life Insurance
IV. Workers' Compensation
V. Family and Medical Leave
VI. Tuition Benefits
VII. Tuition Exchange Program
VIII. Campus Parking
IX. Retirement
X. Other Employee Benefits