Approved by: The President
History: Issued              -- November 28, 2006
Revised             --
Last Reviewed -- July 25, 2019

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Additional References: Environmental Health & Safety Manual; Radiation Safety Manual; Contractor Safety Guide
Responsible Official: Senior Director Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management tel. (202) 319-5789


I. Policy Statement


It is the intent of the University to maintain a safe and healthful place to learn, work, and visit; to operate in a manner that protects our environment; and to comply with applicable federal, District of Columbia, and other codes and regulations.

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) will assist the campus toward compliance with environmental health and safety practices that are required by laws or regulations through technical assistance and oversight. EHS has the authority to audit and recommend appropriate corrective or planning strategies, including the development of safety programs. EHS will consult with external agencies or regulatory bodies as necessary and appropriate, on behalf of the University.

II. Responsibilities


A. University President

The President has ultimate authority for the University's compliance with environmental, health and safety standards and policies at all facilities under University control. The President has authorized EHS and its Senior Director to coordinate the University's environmental health and safety programs and to monitor the University's compliance with appropriate standards and policies.

B. Administration

Administrators of all academic and administrative units of the University, as well as Principal Investigators (PI's) of research programs and supervisors of academic programs, are responsible for compliance with campus environmental health and safety standards and policies in the activities and areas under their control. In carrying out their responsibilities for overall compliance, these administrators and supervisors, or their representatives, will consult as needed with EHS regarding compliance with environmental, health, and safety standards.

PI's and supervisors are responsible for assessing the potential hazards associated with the activities of the participants in the programs under their control and for determining the participants' abilities to perform those tasks safely. PI's and supervisors are also responsible for monitoring the safety of the physical spaces for which they have responsibility and for reporting any concerns or questions to EHS. Each PI or supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the participants in their programs are adequately trained. Participants must be provided with compliance training when a new job duty is assigned, when new equipment or processes are introduced, or if a participant's competence to perform assigned tasks safely is found to be insufficient. Participants must also be provided with appropriate personal protective equipment to safely perform their assigned duties.