Approved by: President
History: Issued             -- November 1, 1993
Revised            -- January 30, 2017
Last Reviewed -- January 30, 2017
Related Policies: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy (Staff and Faculty); Student Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Policy
Additional References: Student Health Center; Employee Assistance Program
Responsible Official: Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer tel. (202) 319-5050


I. Policy Statement


In light of the health hazards associated with secondhand smoke, The Catholic University of America prohibits Smoking (defined below) in any enclosed University area and within 25 feet of any University building. This policy applies to all staff, faculty, students, contractors, vendors and guests of the University, and applies even in the absence of no-smoking signage.

II. Definitions


A. Smoking means inhaling, exhaling, burning or heating any tobacco, plant, vapor or other substance intended for inhalation by any method, including but not limited to cigars, cigarettes, pipes, hookahs or electronic smoking devices such as e-cigarettes or vapes.

III. Smoke-Free Policy


A. Prohibitions


Smoking is prohibited in all University buildings, facilities and other enclosed areas owned, operated or leased by The Catholic University of America. This prohibition extends to all University indoor air space, including but not limited to:

  • All academic, administrative, dining, residential, athletic, recreational, service and mixed use buildings or facilities;
  • All common areas, such as classrooms, lounges, restrooms, study areas, hallways, stairways and parking garages;
  • All individually-assigned spaces (such as offices); and
  • All University-owned or leased vehicles.

Smoking is not permitted within a minimum of any 25 feet of any University building.

Per the University's drug and alcohol policies (linked above), marijuana is not permitted for any reason on University-owned or controlled property or at University-sponsored events.

B. Implementation and Enforcement


Implementation of this policy depends upon everyone's consideration and cooperation. Vice presidents, deans, directors and managers are responsible for informing employees and others of the requirements and prohibitions of this policy. All members of the University community should report violations to the Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, and may do so without fear of retaliation. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action.

IV. Smoking Cessation


The University is committed to helping members of the University community improve their health. Employees and students who would like confidential assistance with smoking cessation should contact the following: