Approved by: The President
History: Issued                  -- May 2, 1991
Revised                --
Last Reviewed -- March 7, 2019
Related Policies: Non-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Title IX Compliance Policy
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Responsible Official: Vice President for Student Affairs tel. (202) 319-5714


I. Policy


The Catholic University of America is committed to the teachings and moral values of the Catholic Church, including the belief that "human sexuality ... is to be genitally expressed only in a monogamous heterosexual relationship of lasting fidelity in marriage." At the same time, consistent with its pro-life stance and its nondiscrimination policies, the University encourages students who do become pregnant to continue their studies and to retain their campus housing. Referrals for prenatal health care and other supportive services will be made available through appropriate University offices as necessary and requested. "A caring outreach toward the prospective parent [or parents], on the part of all [residents and staff], is expected as an expression of a truly Christian and human spirit." (May 2, 1991; Vice President for Student Life.)