Approved by: President
History: Issued               -- July 4, 2019
Revised             -- July 4, 2019
Last Reviewed -- July 4, 2019
Related Policies: Disability Accommodations for Students Policy; Non-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment, and Title IX Compliance Policy; Transfer of Credit Policy
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Responsible Official: Veterans Affairs Director tel. (202) 319-5142

I. Introduction

The University recognizes the contributions of service members and veterans to the safety and security of the nation.  Service members and student veterans enhance the diversity of learning by bringing their unique experiences obtained during military training, deployments and duty station assignments to our classrooms.  The University extends certain policy and procedural enhancements to this student group in gratitude and respect for services rendered. 

The University is committed to communicating with eligible student service members and veterans about educational and training benefits, including the use of GI Bill benefits, and the availability of services and assistance offered by the University.

As part of its commitment to eliminate barriers to student service member and veteran success, the University regularly evaluates institutional policies and procedures affecting student service members and veterans.

II. Definitions

A. Dependent means a son, daughter, or an adopted son or daughter.

B. Service Member means a person who is serving in the armed forces of the United States.

C. Veteran means any person who has completed service in the armed forces, including the national guard of any state or a reserve component of the armed forces, and who has been discharged under honorable conditions from the armed forces or who has been transferred to the reserve with evidence of satisfactory service.

III. Administration

The University has established the Office of Military and Veteran Support Services (OMVSS) to coordinate all student service member and veteran issues and programs. The Military and Veterans Affairs Director serves as the single point of contact for all service member and veteran services, matters and concerns.  

The Office of Enrollment Services coordinates with the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to certify service member and veteran enrollment and verify educational benefit levels. Staff who certify VA and other government-issued military/veteran benefits must be trained and remain current in the proper certification methods, and the latest state and federal guidance.

Student service members, veterans, and their dependents are encouraged to contact the Veterans Affairs Director and the Office of Enrollment Services to register and develop a relationship with these offices so the University may better support its student service member and veteran community. 

The University also offers training to faculty and staff to increase awareness of the background and unique needs of student service members and veterans some of whom might be returning from combat zones and/or tours of duty overseas.  Training on student service member and veteran-related issues is offered for faculty, staff, and students. Contact the Veterans Affairs Director to request and schedule training.

Other University offices with policies, procedures, or practices that specifically may impact student service members or veterans should notify and coordinate with the Veterans Affairs Director for help and consultation about such policies, procedures, and practices.

IV. Enrollment and Registration for Benefits 

Student service members, veterans, and dependents of veterans opting to use VA or other government-issued military/veteran benefits during their enrollment must contact the Office of Enrollment Services prior to the start of their enrollment.  Registration in classes is required before VA payments will be made to the University for tuition and fees or to the individual for housing and books.

Students utilizing these benefits must notify a Veteran Certifying Official ( in the Office of Enrollment Services following their registration for each subsequent semester in which they seek to draw benefits to initiate the certification process for the new semester.  Additionally, once certified, students are required to report any registration changes to the Veteran Certifying Official.  Notification can be made in person, via phone, or via email.

V. Student Service Member and Veteran Programming


A. Orientation


The University provides a specialized on-campus student orientation during fall and spring semesters.  The orientation is for student service members, veterans, and their dependents, focusing on issues specific to student service members and veterans and the resources available to them both on campus and in surrounding communities.  Visit the Student Service Member and Veteran Programming Website for details.

B. Specialized Programs and Services

  1. The University provides the following specialized programs for student service members and veterans to promote trust and educational achievement. 

    a. Application fee waiver

    b. Interim financial aid arrangements

    c. Military specific transfer credit policy

    d. Disability support services

    e. Counseling services 

    f. Veteran-to-veteran peer mentoring program

    g. Dedicated gathering space for student service members and veterans

    h. Specialized career guidance counseling for student service members and veterans

C.  Commencement


The University recognizes the achievement and service of student service members and veterans at commencement (Class A uniforms may be worn, use of red, white and blue cords.