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Responsible Official: Vice President for Enrollment Management, tel. (202)319-6535

I. Introduction


Students with delinquent accounts may be subject to financial penalties and service holds. Student account balances are updated and available to students in Cardinal Station upon the posting of charges. Account balances are due whether or not an invoice has been generated.

II. Definitions


A. Delinquent Account: An account containing charges for a term that remain unpaid after the due date listed in Section III below.

III. Payment Due Dates


Payment due dates for each semester are August 1 for the following fall term, January 1 for the following spring term, and May 1 for the following summer term. Charges resulting from actions taken after those dates (e.g. registration for additional courses, enrollment in housing or board plans, etc.) are due at the time the charge is incurred.

IV. Interest


Interest may be charged on unpaid accounts up to a rate of 24% per annum.

V. Late Payment Fee


A late payment fee may be charged once per term up to a rate of 5% of the total outstanding balance for the current term, excluding outstanding charges less than 30 days old.

VI. Service Holds


Service holds may be placed on the records of students with delinquent accounts preventing the release of official transcripts and diplomas and preventing enrollment for upcoming terms or additional enrollment for the current term.

VII. Disenrollment


Students enrolled for an upcoming term with outstanding balances from prior terms may be disenrolled from the upcoming term.

VIII. Housing Selection Eligibility


Students with delinquent accounts may not be eligible to participate in the housing selection lottery.