Approved by: The President
History: Issued              -- August 2006
Revised            -- June 29, 2009
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Related Policies: Student Records Policy
Additional References: University Statement on Unanticipated Closures
Responsible Official: Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services and University Registrar, tel. (202) 319-5311



I. Introduction


The Catholic University of America intends to maintain full compliance with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (also known as the Buckley Amendment), 20 U.S.C. 1232 et seq. (1975) which guarantees the confidentiality of student records and gives to the individual student the right to examine official records maintained for him or her. The University policy on student records is available on the University policy website at

This policy on records and transcripts contains a portion of the Student Records Policy and additional information on transcripts. The complete Student Records Policy should be consulted for other questions about student records and for further information about transcripts.

II. Directory Information


The following data is considered to be directory information and may be given to an inquirer, either in person, by mail or by telephone, and may be otherwise made public: name of student, address (both local, including e-mail address and permanent), dates of registered attendance, enrollment status (e.g. full-time or part-time), school or division of enrollment, major field of study, nature and dates of degrees and awards received, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, and weight and height of members of athletic teams.

The policy that such information will be made generally available will be communicated to presently-enrolled students through the publication of these guidelines. An individual student currently enrolled may request that such directory information not be disclosed by completing the nondisclosure form which is attached to the schedule of classes (form available in both paper and online schedule) and giving the form to the registrar in 10 McMahon Hall prior to the last day to register or add courses for credit.

By default, only a student's campus e-mail address will be displayed on the University web page. If a student wishes to release more, less, or different information, he/she may do so by logging into and changing the displayed information, or specifying that no information be displayed.

A student who alleges that the University has failed to comply with the requirements of Section 438 of the Act has the right to file a complaint with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Office of the Department of Education.

III. Name of Record


A student's name of record includes the first name, middle initial or full middle name, and the family name. Nicknames may not be used. The University will change the name of a currently enrolled student on its official records upon receipt of a request in writing accompanied by evidence of the legal basis for the change. A record of the previous name will be maintained, but all official documents will be released under the new name.

The University is under no obligation to record a change of name for students who are not currently enrolled, including those who have graduated, and normally will not do so without a court order.

V. Transcripts


Transcripts of records issued by the Registrar are photocopies of the complete, unabridged academic record of the student at this University. Requests for the issuance of transcripts must be accompanied by:

  1. The complete name used by the student while in attendance;
  2. The dates of attendance;
  3. The name of the school in which the student was registered; and
  4. The complete mailing address, including the name of the office or the title of the person to which the transcript is to be sent.

Fees are not charged for issuance of transcripts.

A transcript or grades will not be released to or for a student whose account with the University is not settled in full.