Approved by: The President
History: Issued              -- November 9, 2009
Revised            -- July 27, 2015
Last Reviewed -- July 26, 2019
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Responsible Official: Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services and University Registrar, tel. (202) 319-5300

I. Introduction


This policy is established in an effort to minimize the impact of potential final exam conflicts for students and to ensure the availability of appropriate classroom space for each course's final exam.

II. Policy


No classes, laboratories, or required co-curricular events will be held on scheduled Reading Days or after the last day of classes. Review sessions and other co-curricular events may be offered during these periods, but they may not be mandatory without the approval of the Office of the Provost; nor may students be held responsible for new material presented during such sessions.

All final examination periods are assigned by the Office of Enrollment Services for each scheduled class. Instructors are not permitted to reschedule a course's final exam from the period assigned by the Office of Enrollment Services for any reason, even if the exam is to be held in departmentally-controlled space, without written permission from the Office of the Provost.

The final examination will be given in the same room in which the lecture component has been held, unless the department is otherwise informed by the Office of Enrollment Services. Students and faculty should consult Cardinal Station for final exam locations.

A student who has a serious illness or a family emergency on the date of scheduled final exam(s) should immediately notify his/her Academic Dean and the Dean of Students. The Academic Dean's Office will be responsible for working with the student and instructor(s) to reschedule the final exam(s).

A student having an exam scheduling conflict such as:

  1. Two or more exams scheduled for the same time period;
  2. Three or more exams scheduled for one day
must report to her/his school's Academic Dean's Office no later than fourteen (14) calendar days before the end of classes. The dean will assist the student in rescheduling the exam(s) for the courses having the lowest enrollment(s). All make-up exams must be completed at the earliest possible time during the final examination period.