Approved by: The President
Issued              -- May 20, 2015
Revised            --
Last Reviewed -- July 31, 2019
Related Policies: Procurement Policy; Procurement Card Policy; Prohibited Transactions Policy; Standardization Policy
Additional References: University Standardization Committee
Responsible Official: Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing and Procurement, tel. (202) 319-5044


I. Policy Statement


Employees are required to use shared, networked University printers (i.e., those that are connected to and can be used by more than one computer workstation.) Dedicated printers are permissible only with advance approval from Technology Services and subject to the requirements and limitations set forth in this policy. Departments are responsible for all costs associated with printing. For the purposes of this policy, the term "department" includes non-departmentalized schools.

The goal of this policy is facilitate the efficient, cost-effective use of printing and copying assets. This policy applies to anyone utilizing printing facilities provided or funded by the University.

II. Required Use of Shared Networked Printers


Shared, networked printers are provided by the University to facilitate the normal business operations and dedicated use of departments. Departmental employees are expected to use the department's shared, networked printers for their printing and copying needs.

Technology Services will provide support for departmental, high-volume, network accessible printers. Departments are responsible for the cost of the shared printers located in their areas, and for purchasing and installing printer supplies - including paper, toner, ink and other consumables.

III. Limited Use of Dedicated Printers


Employees whose role very frequently involves the need to print confidential documents will be permitted to use a dedicated, non-networked printer. Since shared printers have a security feature enabling users to protect the privacy of their printed documents, employees who occasionally have the need to print confidential documents will not qualify for a dedicated printer. Anyone using a shared printer to print confidential documents must use that shared printer's print and release functionality.

All dedicated printers will be purchased using departmental funds and will be exclusively maintained and supplied by the department. Technology Services does not support dedicated printers.

All dedicated printers will be of a brand and type specified by Technology Services and must be purchased according to established procurement procedures as managed by Office of Strategic Sourcing & Procurement. This allows for volume purchase agreements to be sought.