Approved by: The President
History: Issued              -- October 15, 2013
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Related Policies: Procurement Policy; Procurement Card Policy; Prohibited Transactions Policy
Additional References: University Standardization Committee
Responsible Official: Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing and Procurement tel. (202) 319-5044

I. Policy


Standardization in the purchase of goods and equipment minimizes the total cost to the University, optimizes sharing of resources, and promotes continuity. To achieve these goals the Office of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement establishes relationships with preferred vendors and establishes University-wide standards for the purchase of goods and equipment. In support of the foregoing goals and to advance the University's mission, purchasers of goods and equipment must utilize the preferred vendors and the University-wide purchasing standards set forth at: This policy applies to all staff and faculty. For questions regarding preferred vendors, purchasing standards, or purchasing in general, contact the Office of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement at tel. (202) 319-5044.