Approved: The President
History: Issued              -- June 2, 2017
Revised            --
Last Reviewed -- July 31, 2019
Related Policies: Categories of Employment Policy; Leave Policy
Additional References:

Payroll Schedule; Payroll Forms; Payroll Guide for Supervisors and Managers

Responsible Official: Payroll Director tel. (202) 319-5512


I. Policy Statement


The purpose of this policy is to provide University departments guidance for processing payroll in an accurate and timely manner and to provide guidance to employees for reporting time worked, leave used, and other payroll-related transactions. All staff employees must submit timesheets or leave reports to their supervisors, who must review, approve, and submit them to the Payroll Office in accordance with the deadlines in this policy. Faculty employees are paid by contract and are not covered by this policy.

II. Recording and Reporting Time


A. Non-Exempt Employees


Non-exempt employees must be paid for all actual time worked, including overtime, if applicable.

All non-exempt employees must record all actual time worked and leave taken on a non-exempt timesheet. Supervisors must review and approve all non-exempt reported time and submit the approved time recorded to the Payroll Office by the last working day of the pay period. Timesheets must be signed by both the employee and the supervisor. Non-exempt employees are ordinarily paid on the 10th and 25th of each month, with earlier payments in December and end of fiscal year.

Facilities and Special Police will continue with separate methods for tracking time worked.

B. Exempt Employees


Exempt employees are paid a salary, and must submit an exempt leave report for purposes of tracking leave taken. Supervisors must review and approve all exempt leave reports, which must be signed by both the employee and the supervisor. Except for April and August, which have earlier submission dates, all leave reports must be submitted to the Payroll Office by the third business day following the end of the month.

Exempt employees are paid on the last business day of each month.

III. Miscellaneous


Departments should retain copies of all leave reports and timesheets submitted to the Payroll Office for a period of three years.

Employees are responsible for reviewing their earnings statements after each pay period to identify any errors. If errors are discovered, the employee should contact their supervisor who should work with the Payroll Office and/or the Office of Human Resources to correct the error.

See the Payroll Guide for Supervisors and Managers for a quick reference guide to the payroll requirements in this policy.