Approved by:

Board of Trustees

History: Issued           -- March 14, 2002
Revised         -- February 1, 2008
Last Revised --  November 3, 2022 (Title, Related Policies, Additional References)
Related Policies: Emergency Preparedness, Reporting, Response and Recovery; University Statement on Disruptive Events
Additional References: Emergency Response Plan
Responsible Official: Vice President for Finance and Treasurer tel. 202-319-5606

I. Introduction


At times, the University may experience emergencies caused by threats or acts of nature or mankind. This policy sets forth the responsibilities of University financial personnel during times of emergencies.

During times of emergency as declared by the University President or appropriate Vice President, extraordinary financial needs may develop for goods or services. The Vice President for Finance and Treasurer shall designate individuals to issue emergency purchase orders, checks or other requirements as needed to ensure needs are met.

II. Procedures and Regulations


University departments shall contact the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer for instructions on conducting financial transactions during times of emergency.

University departments are expected to have departmental procedures to safeguard cash and other University assets during times of emergency. The Office of the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer will assist any department in developing procedures upon request.

For non-financial matters, The Office of Public Safety is designated as the central repository of departmental contacts and procedures for emergencies.