Approved by: Academic Senate
History: Issued            -- March 18, 1999
Revised          --
Last Reviewed -- March 4, 2019
Related Policies: Conflicts of Interest - Externally-Funded Research; Employee Indemnification Policy; Patent Policy
Additional References: Copyright Guidelines
Responsible Official: Associate General Counsel tel. (202) 319-5142

I. Policy Statement


The federal Copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code, Section 101 and following) requires all members of the University community, including faculty, academic appointees, staff, students, and volunteers to respect the proprietary rights of owners of copyrights and to refrain from actions that constitute an infringement of copyright or other proprietary rights.

II. Requirements


The University's Copyright Guidelines were developed to assist members of the University community in complying with federal copyright law and to enable them to distinguish between permitted and prohibited uses of copyrighted materials. Members of the University community are expected to familiarize themselves with these guidelines and to comply conscientiously with their requirements.

Faculty members, staff and other employees who willfully disregard the University Copyright Policy place themselves individually at risk of legal action. In such cases, the University may refuse to defend the employee named in the court suit and in these suits personal liability may be incurred by the employee.