Luke Alar, Senior Director, Environmental, Health, Safety, and Risk Management

Ralph Albano, Associate Provost for Research and Technology Transfer

Kevin Burke, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Rosie Henderson, Controller and Assistant Treasurer

Julie Isha, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services and University Registrar

Vin Lacovara, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer/Chief Privacy Officer (Chair)

Dr. Jackie Leary-Warsaw, Dean, Rome School of Music, Drama & Art

Karna Lozoya, Executive Director for Strategic Communications

Dr. Patricia McMullen, Dean, Conway School of Nursing

Matt McNally, Senior Associate Vice President for Administration

Peg O'Donnell, Associate General Counsel

Georgia Niedzielko, Assistant Dean for Administration, Columbus School of Law

Andrew Salzman, Information Security Officer

Jonathan Sawyer, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Lucia Silecchia, Ordinary Professor, School of Law

Bill Warren, Associate Vice President for University Advancement