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Issued               -- April 1, 2020

Revised             -- June 1, 2020

Last Reviewed   -- June 1, 2020

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Additional References:

DC Stay-At-Home Order; D.C. Government Coronavirus Website; Catholic University - Responding to the Novel Coronavirus (Updates and FAQs); Human Resources - Resources and Initiatives (including FAQs); CDC COVID-19 Website

Responsible Official:

Chief of Staff and Counselor to the President tel. (202) 319-5100

I. Policy Statement


In response to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, on March 30, 2020, the D.C. Mayor issued a Stay-At-Home Order limiting the right to leave residences except to engage in essential activities and operate essential businesses.  The University is an essential business and remains open during the pandemic. Therefore, the University adopts and complies with the Mayor’s Order minimizing person-to-person contact and achieving Social Distancing (defined below) to the greatest extent possible.

To protect the health, safety, and welfare of the campus community and the greater D.C. and regional communities, this policy sets forth the requirements for social distancing that all individuals on campus must follow at all times. Additional health and safety resources are linked above under Additional References.

For questions about this policy, or for assistance with department-specific matters, contact Environmental Health and Safety at

II. Social Distancing Requirements and Restrictions


During any of the limited circumstances in which individuals are allowed to leave their residences under the Mayor’s Order, including while on campus, those individuals must comply with these Social Distancing Requirements to the maximum extent possible.  The Mayor’s Order defines Social Distancing as:

  1. Maintaining at least six (6)-foot social distancing from other individuals;
  2. Always wear face coverings in public indoor spaces and when physical social distancing cannot be maintained outdoors;
  3. Washing hands with soap and water for at least twenty (20) seconds or using hand sanitizer frequently, or after contact with potentially-infected surfaces, to the greatest extent feasible;
  4. Covering coughs or sneezes, preferably with a tissue immediately disposed of, or into the sleeve or elbow, not hands;
  5. Regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces; and
  6. Not shaking hands.

No individual who is suspected or confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 or any other transmissible infectious disease may be outside his or her residence except as necessary to seek or receive medical care in accordance with guidance from public health officials or their health care provider.

III. Posting and Communication


The requirements for Social Distancing set forth in this policy and updates are posted on the D.C. Government Coronavirus Website and the University Home Website.  In addition, information about Social Distancing has been posted in hard copy in various locations on campus where such notices are regularly posted.

IV. Stay Informed


The health and safety of the campus and broader communities are paramount.  Essential employees working on campus should review regularly the D.C. Government Coronavirus WebsiteCatholic University - Responding to the Novel Coronavirus (Updates and FAQs), the Human Resources FAQs for Staff and Faculty, and the notices and orders from the states where the employees live. Orders and health and safety requirements may change frequently.

V. Compliance


The University’s Senior Director for Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management, and the University’s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, have been tasked with monitoring on a University-wide basis compliance with the Mayor’s Order and this Social Distancing Policy.