Approved by: The President
History: Issued              -- September 5, 2013
Revised            --
Last Reviewed -- May 8, 2019
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Responsible Official: Associate Vice President and Director of Athletics, tel. (202) 319-5286


I. Introduction


The Catholic University of America encourages its students, staff, and faculty to use and enjoy the fitness facilities on campus. Use of University fitness facilities is conditioned on accepting and following the requirements listed in this policy.

For the purpose of this policy, University fitness facilities include the Kane Fitness Center (for current students only), outdoor basketball courts, and the indoor and outdoor facilities associated with the DuFour Center (.e.g. basketball courts, pool, weight room, indoor and outdoor track, tennis courts, soccer field, baseball field, softball field, football field, and other outdoor fields). This policy does not apply to spectators viewing athletic events at the DuFour Center or to individuals conducting business with University Athletics staff.

II. Requirements for Use of University Fitness Facilities


Fitness facility users are subject to, and must abide by, all applicable University rules and procedures. Before using a University fitness facility, users are required to sign an "Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability" form.

The use of any University fitness facility is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Students, staff, and faculty must use caution while using any fitness facility or embarking on an exercise program. All patrons are advised to seek medical consultation and clearance before using a University fitness facility or embarking on any exercise programs.

The University, including its staff, agents, assigns, servants, and trustees, is not liable for any personal injury arising from the use of University fitness facilities. Additionally, the University, including its staff, agents, assigns, servants, and trustees, is not liable for any loss or damage to property arising from the use of University fitness facilities.

Only current University faculty, students, and staff members may use University fitness facilities or participate in activities that utilize such facilities unless specific permission is provided by University Athletic, Intramural, or Fitness Center Staff.

Appropriate attire and footwear are required at all times when using a University fitness facility.

Abusive language, fighting, and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Violations of the University rules, policies, or the Codes of Student Conduct may lead to removal from the facility, loss or suspension of facility privileges, and other appropriate discipline. University Management and Staff reserve the right to refuse a person access to a University fitness facility, instruct a person to leave a facility immediately, and/or to prohibit the person from further use of such facilities.

All fitness facility users must observe the instructions and safety precautions pertaining to the use of the specific exercise equipment to be used. If in doubt, patrons should consult University athletic staff for guidance. When using weights, for your safety you must: use spotters, use collars and pins to secure weights, and report maintenance problems or other facility problems to University athletic staff immediately.

Fitness facility users must display or swipe a valid University Cardinal Card or have an approved visitor's guest card to enter and use University fitness facilities. Visitor guest cards may be obtained from University Athletics staff. Patrons who attempt to gain entrance to a University facility without presenting the foregoing credentials will be removed from the facility and may be subject to further discipline. Patrons that attempt to admit non-eligible persons to a fitness facility may also be subject to discipline under the applicable Code of Conduct.